Monday, June 20, 2011

Prepare to FLOW

We are inviting you—artists, performers, activists, do-ers, makers, craftspeople, builders, designers, urbanists, dreamers—to join us. All proposals will be accepted. We will work with you to develop, fund, advocate for, and realize your dream for a place in the city. We are looking for projects that can be made to happen immediately, including existing works that can be given a bigger audience.

In 200 words or less, tell us who you are, where and when you want something to happen, and what resources you need.

This July 4 and during the July 8 ArtWalk, we're looking for about 10 hands to help carry and install lights in and around the Genesee Towers. We are also looking for another 20 or so volunteers for a sculptural performance, including four 10-13 year olds, four 18-22 year olds, four 35-45 year olds, and four 55 and older.

Flow is a program of the Flint Public Art Project supported by Red Ink Flint.