Friday, August 5, 2011

Return to the Future of Now

The Flint Public Art Project is planning another event at the tail end of next Friday's ArtWalk, a street performance spectacle that begins on Saginaw Street between Second and Third streets and continues to the Carriage Factory. The event is the next stage in the Public Art Project's engagement of underused sites in the greater downtown Flint area

Working with area high schools, the Flint Institute of Music, and a group of dancers and artists, Return to the Future of Now goes back to this richly historic site--a former Native American reservation, home of first European settler, center of the carriage industry--to manifest the city as it exists today and temporarily produce a new future, through your presence and participation in this event.

Drums will announce the beginning of Return to the Future of Now.

A man lights his pipe in front of Paul's Pipe Shop. Not that strange. But it sets off a chain reaction that leads to an art parade that will occupy Water Street around the former Durant-Dort Carriage Factory.

Return to the Future of Now includes a string quartet performance on the banks of the river, DJ Litz, light and video projections inside and around the Carriage Factory, new work by Eric Hinds, dancers, and a techno party hosted by the Arrowhead Vets Club.

Visit the event page, cheer us on with a small contribution.