Monday, February 20, 2012

2 for 1 Hot Wings

Our net-art contributor continues his conversation with Flint

In last week’s The Pasta is Terrible post, I started Flint, MI x10 Project #9 - Respond to “the pasta is terrible” comment on Google Maps for Chevy In The Hole. “  
In an example of why the Internet is a strange space to make pubic art, the author of the original “the pasta is terrible” review showed up in the blog’s comments. Matthew Woodson (aka VonWoodson), talked a bit on how he ended up posting the Chevy in the Hole review. He noted Come for the pasta but stay for the Thursday 2 for 1 hot wings” and “This place will take your order and never deliver it. This has happened more than once !!!!!!” as responses I proposed that made him laugh. I’m glad Woodson showed up as I have spent some time in the last months imagining the person who left the comment. Disgruntled former employee and spam bot had crossed my mind. Good to see it was a person in Flint with a sense of humor.
In the end, as no one else weighed on the matter, I gave Chevy in the Hole 4 stars and went with Woodson’s pick of the hot wings review.  Everyone loves Hot Wings.
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