Monday, August 20, 2012

Help Out With Spencer's

Spencer's is envisioned as a collaborative construct and canvas for experimentation. Painters wanting to do murals, welders wanting to do sculpture, performers looking for a venue, anyone or group just interested in lending a hand is welcome and encouraged to get in contact with us. Right now some of the more creative projects anticipated include: tiling mosaics, sculptural/ornamental security bars for the windows, painting, any sculptural work for interior or exterior display. Individual proposals and ideas also very welcome. We love to hear new ideas. Have an interest in using reclaimed/found materials? Even better.

Working on a renovation? Have scrap materials laying around? Is your father-in-law a contractor? See a sweet pile of goods put out on the side of the road? Get in touch with us. If you're throwing it away, we can probably use it. 

Contact: 5858138911

To date, Dwelling on Waste has used:

broken toilets
sheet plastic
old, broken windows
scrap metal of all kinds
ripped scrap drywall
any insulation
colored plastics
light diffusers
crib railings
broken chairs
table legs
inflatable pool
broken ladders
large signs
broken televisions
wire clothes hangers
old lumber
couch springs
spare anything
bumpers for a waterbed
various furniture
broken anything