Friday, January 13, 2012

Flint Hardcore c. 1985

Incredible documentation of Flint hardcore scene of the 80s at the Flint Underground Music Archive. Under "Live" listen to Dissonance at the Ukrainian Hall in 1985, for instance, under "Images and Stories," read through zines with short reviews of the Crucifucks and 7 Seconds (Edge City #1, 1984), and James White and the Blacks (The Scam #1, 1983), look at show flyers, read stories about discovering this thriving subculture in the city.

"I heard about a show (Army of God and Political Silence?) on TNP and mentioned it to a few sketchy punk rock types from school. Some of these guys were already quite adept at sneaking out of the house, getting drunk, and spending the entire night at hall shows. I, being an extremely nervous lad, could only muster enough courage to ride my bike around the small parking lot. There I saw a really scary pack of malcontents dressed in denim and leather (including Wiz, R.I.P.) hanging out, obviously up to no good. I was fucking intrigued."

Don't miss the show announced on the site.

The Return of the Flint Hall Show!
8 BALL DEATH (Battle creek)
THE STANDOUTS (Swartz Creek)

Saturday, January 14th
Bands start at 8PM
Five Bands, Five Bucks!
Woodbridge Union Hall
906 Woodbridge St, Flint, MI