Sunday, January 1, 2012


10 projects for Flint, MI in 2012 produced and installed remotely in collaboration with citizens of Flint Michigan and MTAA

1. Design, fabricate and install a temporary public flag for Flint, MI with name, foundation date (1855) and current population (102,434) of the city.

2. Give the Flint Public Library a singed hardcover copy of MOMA’s 2006  DADA exhibition catalogue.

3. Attempt to move Flint’s default Google map marker out of current parking lot location to City Hall.

4. Forge and install horseshoe for a public space.

5. Fabricate and install a signed bowling ball at Flint bowling alley.

6. With seeds culled from friends Catskill  garden , plant rouge pumpkin in a Flint public park.

7. Install two folding chairs facing each other in a public space.

8. Hang sheets to dry on clothes line in a public space.

9. Respond to “the pasta is terrible” comment on Google Maps for Chevy In The Hole.

10. Send mayor a telegram with the URL of the Flint Mi x10 of project website.